Uplifted Care-Children

 We have secured Uplifted Care to provide grief counseling to the community of Pembroke Township/Hopkins Park and students twice a month beginning in September.  These group counseling sessions are free of charge. Adult Sessions are from 1pm-2pm and children ages 5 and up are from 2pm-3pm. The sessions are designed to allow participants to "drop in" as needed but it is encouraged to be consistent. 

Registration is required. The paper forms are available by contacting Tomika Talley in the SAFE Center at Lorenzo Smith School by calling 815-944-5219 ext 363 or via email at ttwest@pembroke.k12.il.us You can also call Uplifted Care and request an electronic form be sent to your phone or email. 

If you would prefer individual counseling or you would like care outside of school hours, please contact Uplifted Care's Grief Center located in Bourbonnais, IL. Please take advantage of this opportunity if you are struggling.