Community Book Giveaway Drive


April 22, 2022

Greetings District #259 Stakeholders,

I am very excited to announce that the library at Lorenzo R. Smith Elementary School is in the process of being totally renovated in order to better meet the needs of our students! Our library has received a cosmetic facelift, new furniture, a new digital cataloging system, and will also be stocked with more than 2,000 brand new books and reference materials.

Our District was provided federal funding to address the learning loss needs of our students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the funds were utilized to renovate our library, and to expand our offerings for student growth and enrichment. Our current library has not been updated in more than a decade, and we are very excited for this new advancement within our school community.

 As we look to move out the old… and bring in the new… we want to help our students and community members to spread the gift of learning and literacy into each home within Pembroke Township. As a result, during the week of May 2-6, 2022, we will be hosting the “Community Book Giveaway Drive.” The doors of the Lorenzo R. Smith Elementary School Library will be open for teachers, students, parents, and community members to come in and tour our collection. We encourage you to feel free to take the books home that are of interest to you for the purpose of starting your own personal library collection!

 We look forward to continuing to advance the academic supports and resources that our students and community have access to!